The communes finally has access to the census of the taxpayers

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The communes finally has access to the census of the taxpayers

The communes of Andorra gained admittance to the database of the census of the taxpayers. This petition was approved by the Government of Andorra, in a meeting of the Council of Ministers.

It will be gathered a commission with representatives from the Ministry of Taxation, Department of Information Systems and the communes, to determinate the requirements to access the database, this will maintain the information more secured. It will be allowed to get information only for tax purposes or if there is a difficulty finding out the identity of a taxpayer.

The Ministry of Finances Jordi Cinca explained in depth the changes that will occur after the admittance of the communes to the database. He mentioned that the parish corporations will have to manage the collection of communal taxes. Cinca will be in charge to go to every single parish to sign the agreements associated with the taxes. Also, the gambling industry will have a new regulation and will have to record all the people that are banned from their gaming hall or have limited access to them. The gambling halls will have to register the authorizations of the staff, the license of the business and the terms and conditions of the games they offer too.

The deadline for the casino

Jordi Cinca mentioned that there are a couple of organizations interested in building a casino in the country. The offerors will have to meet the requirements of Andorra in order to open the perfect casino for the citizens. That’s why the government is postponing it for after the preparation of the conditions is done. Cinca assures that the preparation would be done by the end of the year and the ideas given by the offerors will be reviewed the first couple of months of 2017. It will be a lengthy process to find the most suitable offer to satisfy the conditions of Andorra. He also mentioned that the Council of Ministers will have to think on which games will be allowed to be played at the new casino.

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