Summer is back in Grandvalira with new routes for Enduro and enhanced zip-wires

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Summer is back in Grandvalira with new routes for Enduro and enhanced zip-wires

Granvalira announced on Tuesday morning the new summer season 2016. The activities are divided into three main groups : Nature, sports and culture.  The goal is to increase the visitors, which may vary depending on the type of activities, for example, last summer, they were registered 20.000 climbing’s to Canillo and only 5000 on the Bike Park Soldeu. The wide variety that Granvalira gives us, makes it difficult for the global estimates of the visitors, although there may be a 10% increment.

The general director of Grandvalira-Ensisa, Conrad Blanch, has presented the activities scheduled for this season. Two of the most outstanding ones are the zip-wire that was enhanced at the end of the last season and a new route that goes from Panells del Fron to the Forn lake. There were made new routes in the Bike Park Soldeu , including a circuit with obstacles that will allow people on different biking levels to practice. The last exciting new place that will open probably the next few weeks, is the viewpoint situated on the Roc del Quer, focused to the Canillo parish.

Like every other year, Grandvalira will offer multiple activities at the Family Park of Canillo, Palau de Gel, karting at Marc Gené El Tarter, Golf Soldeu, all kinds of different sports and tours to different museums, churches and monuments. On  August  19th the world’ s champion of ice skating Javier Fernanez, will perform on Palau de Gel.  According to the marketing director, Elisabeth Pérez, the main goal is to have a diversity of activities that will satisfy every visitor that comes in Granvalira. Also, the marketing team didn’t forget about the events taking place in the country, Tour de France and La Purito,  that will increase the influence on the decisions made by the visitors.

The council, Jordi Torres, is very confident that the upcoming events will increase the guests because last year they helped them achieve 20.000 visitors. He assures that the visitors will be more than last year’s, because of the new fresh sports events like the Spartan Race, that will take place on 30 and 31 of July. He told that if the events are successful maybe the next year the country will host  more European championships. He also mentioned the improvements on the Corstals d’Aventura and the unification of the prices of the Funicamp, it will cost just  10 euros for children, adults and elders. Torres is positive that they have been working hard to make the place as attractive for the visitors in the summer as is in the winter.

About the prices of Canillo, Conrad Blanch, has explained that they simplified them by making the same as they did for Funicamp, they will be one euro for children, adults and elders.

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