It is imperative to stay at home while on medical leave

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It is imperative to stay at home while on medical leave

According to the national recommendations, people on medical leave should stay at home between 9:00 and 12:00 and between 15:00 and 17:00, however the Social Democratic and the Liberal party had a petition that would allow people to go out anytime of the day, which was rejected by the Democratic party.

Although she partially approves the petition , the counselor of the Social Democratic party Rosa Gili, accused the executive who started it, of being unprepared for not consulting the medical college before making the petition. She approved that the medical leaves should be supervised, but she considers that it is unacceptable to assume that people abuse the leaves.

The democrat Carles Jordana reminded that the statute allows people on medical leave to go out if their doctor authorizes them. He reproached Gili and the Social Democrats party that they are too engrossed on this subject and he thinks that they made it look like they are the only ones that can question this social issue.

The Liberal party had a petition that would make the counseling of Tourism Administration of Andorra bigger by electing 4 representatives in total, two by the General Council and two by the Communes. It was rejected by the great majority.

Defending the petition of the Liberal party, Carles Naudi d’Areny-Plandolit announces that there is nothing wrong with the counseling of Tourism of Andorra, however he thinks that he could make the counseling work better and knowing that there would be two representatives of the General Council it would vouch and benefit the citizens.

The democrat Patrícia Riberaygua assures that the council of Tourism is absolutely professional and that there is no need for changes nor additions in the staff.

After the petition of the Liberal party was rejected, the plenum approved that the government has to pay in 60 days the suppliers that provide them with the districts they work in.

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